Friday, May 23, 2008

Splash! New Kit and Freebie

Woohoo, here's my newest kit. In the beginning, I was thinking about blue swirly doodles and a handful of corresponding papers but then it got of hands! But there're still loads of swirls ;) Everything was painted in ArtRage that'd come with my Wacom tablet. I am so much in love with the software, it's wonderful to work with.

SPLASH! Elements
Splash! Elements

SPLASH! Papers
Splash! Papers

Free SPLASH! Quickpage
Download QP
Download the QP!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Venus and Back

It seems that 6 hours I spent recreating my ACDSee database weren't absolutely lost cuz my scrapping muse is now back!!! It's funny: my desk is a MESS, but my harddisk is perfecly organised. My picture folder goes down to 5 levels...don't ask. I find it so much easier to scrap when I can see ALL my green grungy papers/ribbon circle frames/pressed flowers together and don't have to browse the kits one by one. These are my last efforts.

The photos were taken in winter and summer 2006. In January, I attended a language course in Bristol, UK and later that year went to learn some more English to Malta. My grammar got much better in Bristol and I bought a great stash of miniskirts in Valletta, so you see that both trip had their pros ;) I love travelling, I'd fly somewhere straight away if I could. I can't wait till August...bathing in the Caribbean, drinking strawberry daiquiri and seeing Havana *dreamy* Back to the topic, here're the layouts. I went for altered-grungy look, I'd also love to do some collage-like pieces. Btw, images link to DST, so you can read the credit and leave a comment *wink*



Thursday, May 1, 2008