Monday, October 20, 2008

Cuba Libre

s I got into updates right now, here're some photos from my August-September trip to Cuba. We toured all the 14 provinces and had an amazing time there.It was the best holiday ever in spite of the hurricanes. Hasta la victoria siempre!


Pinal del Rio




Retiring from PBP

Due to my recent lack of both time and inspiration, I decided to retire from PickleBerryPop. I am sorry to go, because Annette (the shop owner) is one of the sweetest persons ever :) All the items are 50 % off until Wednesday, then they're gone.

My last kit:
Fragile Things

Sale add:
PBP Bandwitch Limit Exceeded

Hiya, I am sorry but "Out of the Blue" is down until the next month because the bandwitch limit was exceeded. I suppose that the main reason were people hotlinking to the images on their blogs and in forum posts:/ Hotlinking is gonna be forbidden from November, but that won't help now. It's quite annoying right before the relase of the new album but I can't afford paying more bandwitch, so I temporarily forwarded the site to my blog. If there's any exciting news, I will post them here, so don't worry :) Anyway, guess who's getting The Loxian Games runner-up price for the most brutally honest tie-breaker? Yeah, it's the Lazy Kitty & Merciful Squirrel team! My favourite squirrel was kind enough to brainstorm over skype with me and crazy enough to submit what we came up with 1 hour before the deadline. Love her forever, I surely do.

New promo pictures: