Monday, October 20, 2008 Bandwitch Limit Exceeded

Hiya, I am sorry but "Out of the Blue" is down until the next month because the bandwitch limit was exceeded. I suppose that the main reason were people hotlinking to the images on their blogs and in forum posts:/ Hotlinking is gonna be forbidden from November, but that won't help now. It's quite annoying right before the relase of the new album but I can't afford paying more bandwitch, so I temporarily forwarded the site to my blog. If there's any exciting news, I will post them here, so don't worry :) Anyway, guess who's getting The Loxian Games runner-up price for the most brutally honest tie-breaker? Yeah, it's the Lazy Kitty & Merciful Squirrel team! My favourite squirrel was kind enough to brainstorm over skype with me and crazy enough to submit what we came up with 1 hour before the deadline. Love her forever, I surely do.

New promo pictures:


A said...

I was kind of worried when I found that your website was down at the same time when you were retiring from PBP. I kind of expected the latter, but the former would have made me sad. Glad to know it's just a transitional thing. :)

~Helen Vader~

Ray-Sama said...


Oh, Little Cherry. It's bad, I miss your site!
I loved it!
Good luck, and something contact me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucia!

Let's start a collection of money to help you (maybe to a PayPal email adress ???)! It's a pitty, that your side is down, I'm really missing it!


Stupid Cupid said...

The video of Trains and Winter Rains is avaible on YouTube and also on my blog

Stupid Cupid said...

This is the link to see the video on YouTube:

Lucia said...

Thanks for the link! The video is definitely different than I expected but I have to watch it a few more times to judge if I like it. I appreciate the contemporary approach but find Enya to be a bit ... not natural? uncomfortable? can't really put my finger on it.

papageno said...

So cool that Lucia's Enya site is back!

I began to worry that it has been closed by the same forces that took most of the Enya AWC stuff from YouTube away! At least this is what "they" did right after TAWR appeared on BBC (and then first fan made videos) and AWC advert!

Will we ever find out why TAWR video has been first put on a Spanish newspaper site? Why not Irish or German (they love Enya very much) or Japanese (they love her too), or Slovak?

Anyway thanks for the information about the video!

Siobhan said...

I'm glad that I finally get to know what happen to your site Lucia, I love, it's my first reference site after no longer exist :)